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At Nichols Web Management, we offer a variety of marketing services to help get your brand in front of your target audience.

It is our mission to help your business succeed and grow through implementing effective marketing strategies.

Social Media Management

One of our key services is social media management and assistance, where we can both establish and maintain your social media presence across all major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


Having an active presence on social media is vital to modern marketing in the digital era. After introducing your brand to a wider audience, you’ll quickly see increases to consumer engagement and brand awareness.


Our support doesn’t end once your social media accounts are set up. We also offer continual management and support, including the creation, editing, and distribution your business’ social media content.

Social media management

Google Ads

Nichols Web Management Google Ads

As of 2021, there are over 6.9 billion searches on Google per day. We help you take advantage of the largest digital advertising platform on the planet: Google Ads.


Google Ads puts your business in front of people looking for businesses like yours on Google Search and Google Maps. Ads target relevant customers that would be interested in your product or service, ensuring that your budget is maximized. Google’s technology also improves your ads over time so that you constantly get results.


Although Google Ads may be a sizeable undertaking and steep learning curve for a new business to integrate into its marketing plan, Nichols Web Management has worked with Google Ads since 2011.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are excellent tools for stimulating brand awareness and encouraging customer retention.


Communicate important updates, exclusive content, and special offers to customers that have signed up to receive your newsletter.


Nichols Web Management will help you set up an email newsletter that is easy to use and is fully integrated with your business’ website and social media accounts. 


We are here to help you.


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