Website Design

What makes a ‘good website’ a good website?

We believe that it’s all about engaging your target audience with a website that communicates your message effortlessly and provides intuitive ‘call to action’ components located strategically throughout your web pages. First though, your website needs to be found in the search engines, and that is accomplished through the application of Search Engine Optimization.

All our websites are built to be ‘Search Engine Friendly’ with basic SEO implementation, but in order to fine-tune your website, its performance needs to be monitored over time with the  appropriate revisions being made. Websites which are never updated will not perform well and well, why have a website if you don’t want people to find it?

We just had a client discontinue their website due to lack of visitors. We had told them while building it, that in order to have a well performing website they would need to monitor its performance analytics (which show how people are finding and using the website) and add new content to the site periodically.  This is one of the (many)  factors Google looks at when determining where a website should rank in it search results. We had built them a very nice website with the most current technology back in 2010. Nothing was done in the way of monitoring or updating the website and the client was disappointed that they never got more than 10 visits a week.

What we strive to convey to our new clients is that a website is an active part of their business or organization. You don’t want people to walk into your store one time and never come back, right? You want to give people a reason to come back again and again, and more than that, tell other people about your awesome website!

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