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Stiff Competition

I forgot how boomerangs worked, but then it came back to me!

I forgot how boomerangs worked, but then it came back to me!

We had a client who was getting ready to renew their annual web support subscription with us. I had left them a reminder about it and shortly thereafter we got a request for all of their account logins.  They indicated that they had someone else who would be maintaining their website and that our services would no longer be needed. Ouch.

Back in 2013 we had gotten a call from this client who needed a website and they had heard that we where a good company to work with. It only took a couple of phone meetings and we where able to start on the project. We put together a very clean, user-friendly, mobile-friendly and SEO’d website in a contemporary layout that still looks current. We actually provided the majority of their content since we where familiar with their industry and they where very happy with not having to come up with it themselves. They had a very small budget to work with so we gave a pretty significant discount and provided a free year of maintenance for good measure. We had no reason to think that they would not remain one of our satisfied clients for years to come.

They had just called us in the Fall of 2015 to discuss adding a new section to the website with a bit more functionality and we had worked out a payment plan for the extra work to be billed in addition to their annual maintenance subscription renewal set for the first of the year. So their sudden choice to use someone else was a complete surprise.

We forwarded all of the links and passwords as requested and graciously offered any additional support that their new website person might need and have not heard from the client since.

So I’m curious as to what they’ve done on the website since the termination of our services, to see if plugins or events where being updated or if any of the additions had been added. I pull up the website and to my surprise… it’s brand new!

The first thing I do is scroll down to the footer to see if there is a builder credit and it turns out to be an industry-specific web design and marketing firm. The template they chose was okay, the header background is black with a little texture (not sure why they went so dark). The layout is a one page parallax with a blog-style white background sidebar . I like our design better –though I may be slightly prejudiced.

I check out the marketing company and they look legit. I look through their services and subscriptions and their prices are in line with others I’ve seen. Their basic package runs $50.00 per month which provides for a choice of a few nice looking WordPress templates, hosting and a couple of relevant plugins. If you want email or analytics you have to move up to the next package which almost doubles your annual cost to over $800.00 -which is a lot more than you need to be paying for what is basically a ‘brochure’ website.

So I’m asking myself “How did I lose this client?” and at this point all I can figure is that someone sold them on how great this other company is, and they bought it. We could do everything that the other company is doing but at a MUCH cheaper cost.

All I can do is keep focusing on offering great customer service in an industry (sadly) which is notorious for little or no customer service. But on the bright side, the few clients that we have had try other companies have more often then not contacted us to take over their website support and/or marketing services within a couple of years of them leaving (hence the boomerang photo at the top of the article).

If you are in need of quality website support, design, management or marketing services please contact us. We’d love to talk about your online goals and how we can help you achieve them.