Social Media

Social Media.. so what’s all the fuss about??

There is so much information ‘out there’ about Social Media Networking and Marketing I will attempt to be brief, yet thorough.

Social Media Use 2014

We’ll approach this from Lois Lane’s perspective

Who?: Everyone who is serious about maximizing their online exposure participates in Social Media

What?: The current most used Social Media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram

When?: Always! Your potential online audience is interacting on their Social Media right now.

Where?: Now that the Social Media mobile apps have been standardized, anywhere cellular data is available you could be reaching out to potential customers.

How?: Sign up for a free Social Media account, upload a profile and cover photo -which will communicate your message, complete your profile telling viewers all about your companies amazingness and then start sharing regular updates which are so engaging, informative and entertaining (and link to your website) that readers will have to share them with all of their friends!


Social Media Marketing

The purpose of using Social Media for your business or organization is to increase exposure. An easy example: The average Facebook user has 200 friends, If you have 100 followers on your Facebook business page, then every time you send an update you have a potential audience of 20,000. Your post will be shown on your follower’s timelines which all of their friends will be able to view. If, and it’s an important if, you can consistently post updates that have substance and value, your audience will grow, become increasingly engaged and look forward to seeing what you post next!


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