What Is SEO?

SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ which is the process of making a website to be as Search Engine Friendly as possible, without sacrificing the User Experience.

Google used to actually look down SEO but then realized that it was a good thing if web builders would intentionally strive to create websites with a clearly targeted message. Now, Google provides useful tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for the online community to analyze the many facets of a website’s performance and structure.

SEO Basics SEO can focus on many different areas that affect a website’s Search Engine performance. These include:

  • Keywords and Phrases
  • Website Structure
  • Backlinks
  • Competing Websites
  • HTML
  • Content
  • Server Configuration

There is extensive information available online regarding current SEO implementation. There also a lot of outdated and just plain wrong information that if implemented on your website could cause a drop in search performance or even removal from the search index.

Nichols Web Management employs up-to-date SEO techniques and strategies and regularly monitors Search Engines for changes to their Search algorithms. If your intent is to have your website rank higher than your online competition you will need ongoing SEO work. If your online competitors are utilizing effective SEO techniques you will have to do the same in order to outperform them.

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