The Importance Of Sitemaps

So, why should my website or blog have a SITEMAP? Great Question! If you are going to have a blog or website you need search engines to know about you. Sitemaps are an important way to let the search engines know what you are offering to your website visitors. What is a sitemap? (for any

06 Feb 2017

2017 Here We Come!

Wow, what a year 2016 has been! With so much going on in every area of life the year really went by fast. Nichols Web Management has taken on some new clients over the last couple of months so we’ll be starting 2017 with a full work schedule. We are now branching into our local

26 Dec 2016

Stiff Competition

We had a client who was getting ready to renew their annual web support subscription with us. I had left them a reminder about it and shortly thereafter we got a request for all of their account logins.  They indicated that they had someone else who would be maintaining their website and that our services

02 Apr 2016

Phil Thompson Properties Upgrade

We just launched the newly upgraded website for Phil Thompson Properties. We built the company’s website back in 2011 and with the increasing use of mobile devices needed a more mobile-friendly solution. Being a property management company the new website would have to integrate with a property listing module as well as a tenant/owner portal.

03 Mar 2016


Happy 2016! Nichols Web Management is full of expectation for what this year has in store. January is starting off awesome with a new website project for Phil Thompson Properties in Dickson TN. We are converting their previous property management website from the Open Realty platform to a Propertyware platform. We are also working on

16 Jan 2016

Pizza By The Sea

Our latest web build: Pizza by the Sea. We have been big fans of Pizza by the Sea since we visited their Watercolor location when we visited the Santa Rosa Beach area in June, 2014. After we had moved to the area I checked to see if they had a website online and found that

10 Sep 2015
A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

What a Ride! Jamie was referred to me through a mutual acquaintance, he needed some support with the website for his upcoming book release and the book tour he was planning for it. I spent some time on the phone with him and reviewed the website he had had developed for him by a company

26 Aug 2015
Coastal Cruisers Destin Website Project

Web Design for Coastal Cruisers

Here’s the latest Nichols Web Management Web Design Project. John and Rose Kile at Coastal Cruisers in Destin, FL had a self-built website that was 4 years old. It was informational but limited when it came to the use of graphics and images, and since they have a bike shop on the NW Florida’s Emerald

09 Jan 2015

Dickson County Help Center

During some online research we came across the Dickson County Help Center website and noticed it could use a little help. We contacted Renee Boehm the Executive Director and she agreed to look at a proposal for a new site. Once the Board of Directors agreed to the proposal our work began. The Help Center

25 Jul 2014

Hello Florida!

We started in Southern California, did a short stint in middle Tennessee and now we are at the beach in Florida! Looking forward to meeting new friends here in South Walton County. The 30A is a very busy area as a year round tourist destination and there is a ton of opportunity when it comes

29 May 2014